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Create DRI Solution 

A disaster could happen at any moment. That is why it is important to have a solution for when it occurs.

We offer a Disaster Recovery Image (DRI) in case the client’s operating system becomes corrupted and does not start. This most often happens due to hard drive failure, the computer becomes infected with a virus, or because your computer has not had routine maintenance and becomes overworked. This image will restore the entire computer including your operating system and all your applications. Having a DRI will allow you to recover your entire system to your new computer. We create this image to ensure that minimal data is lost.


Manage Network Security Appliances 

Managing your network hardware is the first initial step in maintaining your infrastructure. We will keep track of your network usage and make sure that your network appliance (internet speed, Wi-Fi, etc.) is sending out instructions properly and the basic input/output operations are being followed. We will also keep track of the amount of any attacks on your network in efforts to limit vulnerabilities that can lead to data loss and/or corruption. If there are any threats to your network, we will fix the problem.


Manage Server Logs 

Resolve server errors logs that were detected during the monitoring process. For an example, Microsoft detects errors in their software that has been exploited and sends out an update to protect the client from the threat and/or data destruction. These updates are set to automatically run, but does not always happen.

We perform the critical update that has been missed or was corrupted on behalf of the client, in order to prevent any vulnerabilities that can cause data loss or computer failure.


 Manage Server Backup Logs 

We review your server logs and resolve any issues so that process can be completed successfully. For example, backup and restore operations, batch commands and other scripts or other backup processes. It is misperceived that software will run backups without ever having a user intervene.   


24/7/365 Emergency Server Technical Phone Support 

We understand that everyone does not work during regular business hours. We offer tech support around the clock to assist any critical server related problems.


Update and/or Upgrade Hardware Firmware 

Firmware is the software that comes pre-loaded on your appliance. This provides control and monitoring features that allows data to communicate to the physical hardware. This software does not update itself and could lead to performance issues if not properly managed.

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