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No cost, no obligation, no hassle.


A site evaluation gives us, the IT company, an idea of how functional, current and competent your existing IT infrastructure is. This means that we want to determine if you are getting the best possible service from your internet, software systems, computers and printers. This can all be affected by the type of internet you use, the computers that you are using and how the infrastructure is setup to work with each of these things as a whole. If all of your hardware is not working together in a compatible environment, this can cause interruptions during the work day, resulting in less productivity and a less efficient atmosphere. 











Our Site Evaluation only takes about 10-15 minutes and we will not go on any machines or interrupt any of the employees. We do not have a cost for the site evaluation, we are there to give you insight on your foundation. In most of the cases, there is at least something that can be done in order to enhance your infrastructure and make things run seamlessly. Sometimes it can be minor and sometimes it can be major depending on how frequently things are updated and maintained. Either way, we want to help your business get back to where it should be.

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