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Backup, Recover and Restore Data.


Offsite backup is a must for your sensitive data and applications. To ensure your data is restored and available, your backup data must also be secure, compliant, and verified

Our fully encrypted, enterprise-class offsite backup and recovery solution provides the ultimate protection. You have the option to restore data and applications directly to your own infrastructure or ours on a self-serve or fully managed basis. 

Backed by our commitment to in-depth, defensive security and high-availability infrastructure, you’ll sleep well knowing your data is protected and available when you need it.



Many businesses do not take the proper steps in creating backups of important data or coming up with a disaster recovery plan in the result of a catastrophic event. This can potentially cause the loss of essential work, contacts and information, sometimes endangering the entire operation.


Secure Solutions IT's approach enables us to create a plan and process based on the recovery strategy dictated by the business. We want you to feel confident in the ability to recover critical files, and be sure that your plan is the right fit for you. Listed below are some of the options that can be implemented into your plan: 

  • Multi-site data center consolidations

  • Data center integrations

  • Colocation transitions

  • Disaster recovery implementation

  • Cloud computing initiatives

Addressing these challenges are made easy with our Data Center Strategy and Offsite Data Consultation service. Working closely with our clients, we will provide answers to your toughest questions and develop a comprehensive business case and financial models allowing you to easily determine the best course of action for your data center environment. 

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